Particles emitting evenly from each vertex at the same time

I’m using 2.47. I’ve got an object with 6 vertices that is suppose to spin around, move etc. while throwing off particles at each vertex. The only way I can get the particles to emit from each vertex at the same time is to choose Random, from Emit From. How do I get an even emission from all vertices at the same time. I followed at tut that used an older particle system, and I can’t figure it out on 2.46/2.47.


The Even button?

Well that’s just it. There ain’t no even button.

Wait, never mind. I was thinking of something different.

Set Sta value to the frame you want the particles to start emmiting.
Set End value to Sta+1

Still not getting what I want. It only spits out one particle at each vertex. I want it to stream.

Ya it is weird it doesn’t have the same options as faces. the best I could do is set it to random and put the particle number stupidly high.

You could try a fast looping animation on a collision object to make a reactor system spawn the particles.

Yes, particles need a lot of help.

A lot of people are thrilled with the 2.47 particle system, but having used other professional packages, I must admit that Blender particle system barely works for me. It is missing so many controls that are neccessary to do day-today particle work. I am constantly disappointed at what it can not do. I don’t need grass or hair, I need basic particles that work.

The boids do look promising and work well even though they can not support animated grouped objects via a linked file.

Yeah, the thing is, it use to be able to do it.
Here’s the tutorial using an older version.

Choose Emit From:Verts and press Random Button in Particle System panel
Set Initial velocity effected only by Normal in Physics panel

That’s what I’ve done, but I still want the particles to all have an even symmetrical stream, so when I animate the rotation, etc. of the object, the particle streams will all behave the same way.

Did they forget the EVEN button, or is there another way?

OK brokenjack! If you go to 2.45 version, you will find out that the EVEN button is for faces and is meant to distribute particles evennly on the face surface. Anyway, back to vertex emission - if you lower the vertex count from 5000 to, for example, 10 - you’ll notice that the particles aren’t emmited at the same time. So just assume that a particle is emmited one at a time and the particle system tries to run through all vertices with the given particle number and the given time for emission.

In short - if the particles in the tutorial visually look to be emmited simultaneously, in fact, they are emitted one at the time for every vertex. (Remember? He set 5000 particles to be emitted from 6 verices)

The difference in 2.47 version is that you have not only Random option for emition (the same as in 2.45), but also ordered emission (unpressed Random button) - which is based on the vertex’s index in the mesh.

Ok I guess, if you got a blend file, I’d love to see it.