Particles for the layman

Ok this was pretty much ignored in another forum so…

Can anyone point me to a nice simple, practical description of the particle settings? As in “If you increase the value of this setting the particles will…”, etc.

I think that the reason why you were ignored is because this is all to do with experimentation, that is you learn <insert 3D package here> by learning a bit here and there, tweaking as well as doing any tutorials found on the internet.

for 3 tutorial you could go here:

for others I suggest that you do a google search.

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Simon Harvey

One thing useful to know is that the Start parameter can be negative, if you want the particle system to be gushing particles right from frame #1 of the animation.

Simon: Well…Im not quite sure what to make of that reply. I learned 3DSMAX at the hands and lecture of a teacher who in no uncertain terms and in plain english told me what each setting does and how it would effect my scene, so I personally disagree. Anyone can follow a tutorial and recreate that tuts scene. applying said tutotial to an entirely different scene of your own creation can often be quite frusterating if the information contained in that tut is geared specifically to recreating that one single scene. If as you suggest, we got everything we need by “playing” these forums would be pointless.
But thats just my opinion. Thanks for the links. Im looking them over right now.

@ner: Thank you. I do have the docs bookmarked. Unfortunetly that tut is a prime example of what I DONT want. I want something a young collie dog could understand. LOL

sundial: Yah thanks!! Thats one of the few things Ive been able to figure out. Nice function.

I think that particles have always seemed to me to be a fairly simple concept and that the implementation more-or-less worked as I expected it to. The only “tricky” part seemed to be the notion that you could parent a particle-emitter to a lattice and thereby create a “duct” through which the particles would be made to “flow.”

Probably most of us fully-expect that, in this case albeit not in others :slight_smile: … it should be a fairly easy learn. If not, “that’s what the forums are for.”

Yup. exactly. Thats why Im looking for a ncie simple plain english version of the particle settings.