Particles got all... cube-y?

Well, that’s the best way to put it. I was following this fire tutorial, and it worked, at least closely enough for me to start tweaking things on my own. Primarily, the fire particles were just too big, I needed finer flame. So, I went to the particle system, and modified the particle size. I… may or may not have made some other adjustment to something, I honestly don’t know. But suddenly, all the particles are shaped as slightly rounded but quite distinct cubes, and they end up forming a wall of sorts. Fascinating, but not the intended effect.

I’ve tried restarting the program, as well as playing with all sorts of settings, anything that I figure I possibly could have touched between “round” and “cube”, to no avail. My last-ditch effort was to discard my work by deleting and recreating the particle system and domain. But, despite definitely being the exact values I had when things were “round”, they’re still cubes! Is there something I might have hit elsewhere in the object settings, outside the particle systems, that could have such an effect?

(Blender 2.58 on Fedora 14 x64)

Okay, this got… sort of solved… by basically just messing with every setting I could find in the Flow and Domain interfaces. Sadly, I have no solid steps to resolve the issue (I didn’t even really have steps to create it!). But if you get a chimpanzee, and put him at the keyboard, it might work. Granted, the result is far from what I want, but it’s better.