Particles: How to control their distribution pattern?

I am currently experimenting with particles and ran into the following question. Let’s assume the following setup:

There’s a Mesh-Circle which should emit particles from its vertices. So if I render it, the particle emission, as there’s no random set but only a normal value in the particle system, it now emmits particles once from all vertices around the circle.

Now the problem: How many frames my animation has, the emission goes only one time around the circle.

Question: What to do, if I want to have the emission going around the circle two or more times in a given animation, with, for example 250 frames? Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


Just create a series of emitter, all linked to the same circular mesh.
Offset their star time by your chosen amount.
Offset the emitter rotation as well, then you would get a series of bursts in a circle.

You could also look into using a texture to control particle emission, however, then the animation of the texture might be able to do it with a single emitter.


particles_emit_via_texture_control.blend (626 KB)ParticleTimeTextureAdjuster.blend (623 KB)

A similar way of doing it is to create your mesh circle with the particle system. If you want 2 rotations duplicate the mesh and join with the first (select both and control J).

Huh! Such a relative overkill for a relative simple task. I think I start to find the kinks in the otherwise perfect blender software :wink:

Thanks anyway. If this is the only way to get this done, I’ll do it!