Particles, I finally got it => Forest.

Hello everyone, here is my attempt to make a forest.
Rendered with Blender Internal.

I didn’t knew that particles have an option Display->Path, so I had really hard time working
This option makes your objects(trees, bushes, grass)
look like squares, but then you can work with them without slowing down your computer;)
Also in render settings, checkbox “Instances” makes a difference.
Particles recipe:
2 grass patches
2 trees
1 bush.

Render 3hours 03min

Render 1hour 26min

Render 43min

Attached pictures at the bottom shows:

  1. How your forest will look in blender.
  2. You can preview only grass for example, or only trees and etc.
  3. You can make really fast previews, third attached picture rendered in 5min 32sec,
    but when you turning on your AA… :spin: :wink:

Oh, and can you find a monkey? :wink:


Wow, I almost don’t believe it. Excellent.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll probably post the demo file, with cubes instead of trees, because original weight 25 meg )))

I can see ivi maker but what about trees?

Amazing! The colours on the second one look perfectly real. :slight_smile:

the absolute only way I can imagine making this better is some way to have some colour variation, all the leaves/grass is the same shade of green, would be interesting to have some variation, but dunno if that’s possible with your workflow


Oh, sorry, forgot to mention. Yes, ivi maker and ngPlant.

BTW, I didn’t touch first one with photoshop at all, I guess I can play with it, but I also like this result that came straight out of Blender :wink:

Excellent results. Yes some of the green is similar but that does happen in nature. And yes, I can find the monkey (a green Suzanne next to a bush on the left of the picture in a patch of earth with a rock)

image 2 looks spectacular !

Wow this is really good! Congratulations on tackling such a difficult scene! :slight_smile:

I agree with Biglines about the color variations though. I would also add that the lighting could be more real if you made the primary sun lamp brighter and added a real sky image for the background.

But it’s looking really cool as is. A few simple touches would push this awesome scene even further though! :wink:

That’s amazing! 5* from me! Just one question; in the first image, did anyone else notice the little green suzanne in the background?

I found it! lol. This is great work btw. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I was going to say I found the monkey but I guess that it doesn’t matter now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway great result man, you think you could possible make a real tutorial on this some time? :slight_smile:

koolean do you have a website? I would like to have any contact for hire you further

Thanks for more comments guys :slight_smile:

I would like to try, but I don’t have enough time right now(( Maybe later.

koolean do you have a website? I would like to have any contact for hire you further

No, I have only this gallery:
:slight_smile: Unfortunately, I cant work right now, but thanks for a nice offer :wink:

Hopefully I didn’t make it look worse(which is often I do with photoshop), tried to add some colors. Not sure that I know how to do that in blender and keep performance with using instances of just several objects… Suggestions? :slight_smile: Any way here is it:

Don´t you make freelance? and what did you used to render? internal?

I like the change you made in photoshop, but now it seems a little too saturated. Perhaps turn it down a touch?

This is great!!!..

Looking great :slight_smile:
If you didn’t know, you can make different coloured instances using object colour.
In the material tab you press the ObColor button, then in the object tab you can find a small color selector in the “Draw” panel (if you’re using 2.49)