Particles ignore collision... completely lost please give hint.

Particles ignore collision… what can be reasons for that?

Here how it is:
object consist several parts some parts is proxy and linked both have collision enabled both dont work. Emiter is local. Tried add plane in scene blenderfile it colides. But with those proxies and linked dont collide at all. Tried to make local( object-> make local which is stupid to do) dont work anyway. within model blender file particles do collide, now i just have no idea why it just ignores collision please give hints…

working on bunchie vs roflocopter short animation which is half done
I want make bunchie shot roflocopter and bunchie is shooting lasers… which just fly through.

Any more info needed just say.

Ok fixed. even after free all bakes particles still didint colide the needed thing was to change emiter starting frame and it worked. Also made on same layer emiter and colider dont know what fixed… Somehow when i write on forume then i start thinking better (sun) lol.

I’ve lost you reading your post. Attach your blend file here and describe precisely what is not working as you expect. Also say what blender version you are using .