Particles in 2.42?

I have been trying to get 2.42 on WindowsXP to generate particles for two hours now and I am completely stumped.

I create a plane.

I hit f7 and make a new particle effect.

I open the particle motion tab and set a value of 1.0 to Z force.

I hit Alt-A to playback and see nothing in the 3D view (I do see the little frame counter churning along).

I have itterated through many different permutations of applying velocity settings, creating vGroups from the selected verts and assigning those in the particle motion tab, etc… And always the same. Nothing. I am sure that this is a simple thing to do and yet I still get nothing. A humbling experience for one who considers themself to be a professional particle monkey in Maya.

I would love some help with this. I want to understand how to get into Blenders particles to the same extent that I have with Maya.

How do I make a basic emission system from scratch? Please assume that I have never used Blender before (which I really haven’t). Thanks.

Are you sure you’re in Object mode? You won’t see particles in edit mode; hit Tab key to switch. Otherwise your settings should work fine.

Maybe the particle panel shouldn’t be available in EDIT mode then ? :confused:


I’ve tried it in both modes - but now am focusing on Object mde.

One thing I had not tried was letting the playback more than once. It seems that I need to run through all the frames (no particles visible) twice. Then hit escape and then Alt+A a second time to see the particles.

Tell me this is not how things usually work! Would this be a good time to download v2.42a and see if that is any better behaved?


@mike: I guess it is misleading that you can adjust a particle system with the panels in edit mode, but can only playblast them in Object mode.

@meesto: It’s not supposed to work that way. Does it only happen in OpenGL, or do you have this problem when you try to render particles as well?

CD38: I’ve figured it out.

When you use Alt+A to initiate playback Blender will only update the window which the mouse is currently over when playback is started. If that happens to be the Buttons Window where all the parameters are, then you won’t see anything being updated in the viewport.

Bring up a window with a timeline and playback buttons and everything works smoothly.

My wierdness earlier must have been that I was trying to see things after adjusting in the Buttons Window and later would try when my mouse was over the 3D view panel.

I would expect that Alt+A would be the same as hitting the play button so maybe this is something to put in the queue for being updated. Or maybe I should see if I can fix it myself as a first exploration into Python and Blender.

Doh! This is standard Blender behavior for many versions now. Note that Shift-Alt-A plays the animation in every window, no matter where you’re pointing. I guarantee you’ll run into this with the IPO editor and Actions too. Glad you worked it out.


Shift+Alt+A plays back in all windows.

D’oh! Too late!