Particles in game engine for small tasks

I understand that particles in the game engine would be very unstable, but it is really annoying not having them. I only want to use particles for small tasks, like placing rocks randomly across the terrain, having to do this manually is more time consuming than it needs to be. So, is there a way to unlock the particles in the game engine?

If you have a smaller game it better to place each item by hand and make it look good for the player. If its a big or randomly generated terrain then you can use the same code that generates the terrain to place rocks.

For particle effects in games check SolarLune’s system

I don’t think its the fact that they would be unstable btw. Especially when it comes to just placing items randomly, I would say that no-one has bothered to program it in. The actual particle system that can do fire and other things is harder, and would be very slow which is why that hasn’t been implemented. I wish that when started the gameengine would convert the particle system to a mesh like you can do with Ctrl - A, Make Duplicates Real. This would sort of let them be used in the game engine without having to manually convert it before entering then undo afterwards.

It’s things like these that make me want to learn programming… oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait for development!

I would love to start implementing things but I can’t get blender to compile, there are always errors even when downloading from trunk and I don’t want to fix them every update :(. I wonder if its possible to make a python script that you run instead of pressing P that converts all particle systems first, starts the game mode, and then when it leaves puts them back how they were before. I’ll get to work on that, it would be helpfull :smiley:

For large open terrains you will likely want to control visibility with some kind of LOD or draw distance system and you can’t have just static objects scattered as freely when rendering real time.

I think it’s good you don’t just have the particle system working out of the box. When you need to create your own emitters and spawning scripts you also unavoidably deal with some of the challenges in game development.

That being said there’s plenty of resources for how to make particle systems for your game. If you don’t find a thread that answers your questions you can always ask about it yourself :slight_smile:

If you just want to place objects randomly, you can actually just switch to Blender render, add particle system with object you want, tweak the settings so it’s good, and switch back to game engine. You can’t preview the particles in-game, but you can go to object modifiers and “Convert” to make the rocks real at which point they will work in game engine.

check for you tube “larodos entertaiment” , he performed a particle system for the bge. install addon’s

Man, if got it well, it’s REALLY simple, you don’t need any programming, you just change from “blender game engine” to “blender render” and then use the particle system as you would in the render, configure the number os rocks and things like that, then BEFORE changing back to game engine, you go to the modifiers tab, and press convert in the particle system, then you can delete your particle system and you will have a terrain with real mesh rocks… It is much better than putting it one by one…