Particles in the GE, problem, with picture

I’ve created an animated torch effect:

  • Torch, layer 1
  • Smoke particles and spark particles, animated, layer 2
  • Empties to generate smoke and spark particles, layer 1
  • Animated lamp, layer 1

I grouped these, and linked to the group from a separate file. Great, works fine as you’d expect. Except…the actual particles that the empties draw from, on a separate layer in the original torch file, float around forever in the destination file, as though they are on the same layer. How do I fix this?

This is a screen from the destination file. The torch and particles are a group here, linked from a separate file. Any ideas? Thanks.


It could be that something is parented to an active object. If so it will be added along with the object.
Try un-parenting everything.

Ok. I don’t think I parented anything…but who knows. This is the correct way to do this, right? Linked groups.

Nope. Didn’t work. I don’t get it…The grouping seems to consolidate the layers.

If youre doing libload in python you dont have to group the items. I dont know about linking though…

I don’t know anything about that. I need to make it easy, as I sell models that all work together…so, you’d make your castle, then simply link a group of lights (I have several). It’s nice, because it is very easy to add completely fleshed out torches to your scene - fire, smoke, sparks, animated light etc. MAYBE…I’ll group the particles separately, and tell people to import “Torch1” and “Particles”. I’ll give it a shot.

Solved. Torch and empties calling particles in one group, particles in another. Stick linked particle group in a different layer.