particles lattice curves amd meta balls

I was looking for fluid effects this is what I got. Not what I was going for but some cool looking stuff I think. I cant the the particles to react with the collision object like wish.

That is pretty intersting. Any chance you could post up a brief tut?

Maybe change the threashold on the metaballs? And then make it so their colission bounds don’t go out too far. I think that could dramatically improve the “fluidity”

Sure Id like to make a tut . These ( animations ) are easy to do . Ive been having a problem with my veedub audio ( records slow sound ) So Im not sure about the format may be just a pdf with screen shots . Ill change the threshold some I think it was 1.3.

This is my first posted tut. I want it to be good for all users , English second language and beginners .It was done quick so i will be redoing it.Tell me if the grammar is bad.If I forgot something . Is it easy for beginners
I want to make 2 more with curves and physics .

Meta ball with indirect light

an unrelated green screen when I remove the green I lose the shadow so next time Ill put the shadow on a second layer. Still trying for a invisible object that will block view.

This is the last one. rendered in reverse. i made 5 copies of a object… deleted parts of each. made them layers from top to bottom . set the start times delayed and overlap each.

I actually tried a similar technique a while back to simulate the exit splatter from a gunshot wound. The end goal was to composite it into a live action shot. It didn’t work b/c the complexity of the meta particles overwhelmed my computer’s processing abilities, but I’m glad to see I was on the right track. Good work!

This is not so many faces rendered about .8 frames a sec. It will work on a slow computer. I looked at the number of faces on each section and set the amount in particles to the same.