Particles Limitations

Hi guys, I’ve been messing arround with particles lately and I found two big limitations on the actual particle system (2.5), the first one is I would like to create particle childrens from died particles, actually you can create childrens but as much as I know you cannot control when they start or if you can control the childrens by a event (as killing particles for example). Another big limitation I found is… you cannot set animations for each particle, let’s say you want to create a battle , with the boids you can create very nice battles between particles, but I could not find any solution of how to assing different animations to the particles, let’s say you have a particle at the beggining stand at it’s place, then begin to move so you change the animation into a walk cycle of something, once two enemy particles are close enough each other they start a fight animation, once one of them die then should play a dead animation. Any idea about how to solve this two limitations? Thanks in advance.

Blender particles do leave me wanting but I think the system can do at least your first request. Consider the attached BLEND file of a single fireworks. The initial system launches and dies, a rector system detects the death and spawns more/different particles. These particles live and die and give birth to yet another rector particle system. Each system can have a different shaped particle.

As far as deploying multiple pre-planned actions to various particles, you may have hit wall. But that is not to say that some python code could cobble together your vision of how particles should work.

I invite you to click on the word “APE” in my signature to check out my adventures in writing a new display system for the particle system which re-samples existing animation.


ras_246_particle_single_firework.blend (180 KB)

I saw that example before I created the post, but looks like that example doesn’t work in 2.5, but in 2.4x, because in 2.5 you cannot emit from particles, so the children particles is quite useless without a propper way to control them.

Yeah, uber bummer that reactor particles aren’t available in Blender, yet. There are a lot of really cool things that can’t even be touched on without reactor particles.

Also, per particle controls aren’t available, yet. You can control the alpha on a per particle basis via a ramp, but that’s about it. If you could control the scale and color on a ppb that would really open up the motion graphics potential in Blender. There are a lot of Particle Illusion type things I would like to do, but it’s currently no possible (with a reasonable workflow). Jahka has plans to cover these things but I think development is currently on hold.

Ohhh, what a shame :no:

Hey, the APE is nice! I really miss 2.49 sometimes. The APE would definitely fill some gaps in 2.5. But I can understand not porting it at this point, not knowing what the default 2.6 particles system will be like. No need to do a bunch of work for nothing.

I initially wrote APE for 2.5 API (so there is an APE 2.5 WIP), but ran into a required feature that was missing. The DEVs acknowledged it and fixed the problem, I just have not got back to it yet.

@SAM: It basically sounds like you want a mini massive (I just had to type that) inside Blender. An attempt was made a while ago with the custom Blender People build.

If you could control the scale and color on a ppb that would really open up the motion graphics potential in Blender.

Because APE actually makes an object for every particle, your above thought crossed my mind. I have been thinking about the next version of APE. I thought, the simplest approach would be to allow the end user to simply supply an IPO to LOC/ROT/SCALE, Alpha and Color. I think I would need some way to read a color band. I think I saw some code on that. Then use the age of the particle to pick the color from left-to-right in the band.

I think the colorband works well for the alpha control, but it might be a bit too loose for control other parameters. An f-curve would be perfect, of course.

It would be great to go APE in 2.5! :stuck_out_tongue: