Particles making particles, possible?


I was planning on doing a plane that shoots away a group of objects randomly, it’s rockets, and these rockets usually burst up in to the air with burning fuel coming out of their rear’s ;p and then they explode. So I was having a problem I think, when I made the plane create the rockets then the rockets’s particlesystem didn’t come with it, so it was just rockets without any burning fuel beneath it, it was just… a lifeless rocket :frowning: Can anyone tell me how I should solve this problem? what I want to do: I want about 40 rockets to go up in to the air over 200 frames, they should have their own particlesystem for the smoke beneath them, and then they shall explode after 5 seconds. I am not asking for a blendfile, I am asking for some directions :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance;)

Like fireworks using reactor particles

I can see that it’s divided in to part1 & part2 & part3, I can’t really find those sections in Blender 2.53 Beta :frowning: I’m not sure if I just suck or am blind, but the only thing that had anything like it was “Type1” and “Type2” and those two only had options for which kind of force that was going to be applied to “Type1” and “Type2” :frowning: where is the part2 and part3 section?

Please be more specific on what version of blender you are using if you are not using the latest stable version (2.49b).
Reactor particles are still on the todo list in 2.5 If you want to follow the tutorial use 2.49,

besides, I see now that the “Reactor” isnt in Blender 2.53 Beta… darn…

hehe. bleh

so in the latest build it is impossible to make a plane and make that one shoot rockets and then the rockets should have a trail after them and then after about 5 seconds they explode? so I can’t make fireworks in latest build? :frowning: does this mean that I need to make them one by one and move them one by one and change the timer of the particles one by one?