Particles, meshes, and rain.

Hello everyone, I’m working on a theory for making rain in blender’s fluid sim. Basically he idea is to create a new fluid object by using particles. I’m not very adept at python, and I can’t seem to find a way to create an independent object using particles in blender yet. Unless I totally missing something here.

I think it can be done with a script that creates a mesh at a particles location(using particles.getLoc), which I’m fairly sure is possible. But I’m wondering how you would then set that new mesh as a fluid in a fluid simulation.

Anyway, I’m looking for help in doing this, and any opinions anyone may have about this idea. A few issues I’m aware of in this theory so far are:

  1. huge calculation time
  2. huge memory requirements
  3. may not be practical due to whatever object quantity cap blender may have.

But I’m still will to give it a shot.