Particles (@ndy please respond)

I’m attempting to recreate a flaming object coming down to earth. And no matter my attempts I always get a cartoon looking render with Blender’s halo texturing on a particle emitter. If anyone know’s the particle emitter settings, or has a .blend file of a similar effect as what @ndy’s particles look like in Mindfields, I’d appreciate it. And yes I’ve seen the effect website.

Any help or tips are also appreciated.


Well, I’m not @ndy, but maybe this will help. Here’s a frame from an animation I did:

(Thanks to Image Shack for hosting)

It uses two particle emiters … one for fire and one for smoke. Here are the screendumps to show you the particle settings I used. First Fire:

And Smoke settings:

It might also help if you posted your material settings as well. The material plays a big role in making the fire look good.

Ok, here are the material settings for the fire and smoke … just left click on the images to see a full size view:

Do you have an image of these setting in use?
A nice big kaboem of some kind?

No, the asteroid splashes into the sea … this was primarily a test of the wave effect. The asteroid was just a way to cause it :wink:

lol, :slight_smile: okay then.

Here one i did the procedural cloud texturing and turning on shading in the halo settings, put it on a moving emittor and parented some lights to it:

How did you get the lens flare on that? Was it in post or when rendering?

I think you should experiment with the IPO curves.

How did you get the lens flare on that? Was it in post or when rendering?[/quote]

yeah its just an addition 1 vert mesh parented to the emittor, in the mat settings, turn on halo, then flare and add sub flares, you can experiment with the seed value to talor your results.