particles not effected by forcefield

I’m having trouble getting particles to be effected by forcefields. I’m pretty sure I’m not doing something but I’m not sure what. The turbulance forcefield is attached to an empty on the same layer but it doesn’t seem to effect anything. File attached. Thanks!

particles2.blend (5.31 MB)

Look in the Particle System settings for the Icosphere. Near the bottom is a section named “Field Weights.” The Turbulence slider is turned down to zero. Try increasing it.

That will get it working, but here are a couple of other things to be aware of: the falloff for the field itself is set to 5.4, which is a fairly fast falloff for the effect strength. You might try a lower number, say 2. And then finally, the particle dynamics are being saved to a disk cache. Be aware that sometimes if you change a setting and don’t see the particles react differently, you might want to “free” your cache to get Blender to recalculate the dynamics.