Particles not going down

hey i am trying to solve a particle offset problem, don´t know what i did but its not going down, i saved it and the next day this happend

Help Thanks

Hi Jasper2. Welcome!
Did you try to put the timeline cursor to frame 1? I think, if you save the file in a frame after simulation started, it could show particles in a strange behavior, because there´s no cache saved.

No luck , frame starting at 1 and i chaged the normal to 0,01 and nothing …

Please I am trying a lot of things

I tried to do another particle simulation and it went to that direction, don´t know how to solve this issue.


Could you send the file, or a simpler version of it?

N sabia que eras BR , Sou Português !

Olá Jasper! Mas aqui, precisamos falar em inglês.
Here we must write in English, because it´s the default. :wink:

Send me a private message.

How can I send you a message? and the blend file ? here says I cant upload it

Click on my name and choose Message

here is the file

Cant find the message button, lol

I sent a message for you, and downloaded your file