Particles not moving along an axis?

I dont know why, my particles are not moving at all. They are just emiting from the circle but are not moving out of the circle. How can you make them move without global movements?

Under the particle settings, you can set initial velocities and/or global forces. You can also use local forces and collisions. See Particles and Force Fields and Deflection. They’re a little out of date, but they cover the general idea. If you have a more specific question, feel free to ask.

In the case of “Particles not moving along an axis?”, give the normal initial velocity slider a try first. From there, read up on or play with the others.

Ya, i don’t want to use global forces because i will be rotating the circle so the globals will screw everything up. When you say normal initial velocity do you mean “normal”? If so i have a lot of that, it is only affecting the distance 360 degrees around the circle not in a forward motion. I will try using the local forces.

I am still having major problems. When i use wind it makes the particles go along the - y axis and the y axis… It might be too much to ask for but it would be great if someone could post a blend file on how you can do it.


You can move the force object (usually empty) wherever you like, and rotate it as you like so it can act in any direction. You can also parent it to the partical emiter and it will act like a local force. See this example.