Particles not rendered ... but can be seen in default 3D window

I am having a big problem with my scene here: :frowning:

I created text. Transformed the text to mesh. Added particle system. Created one particle. Added this particle. Added volumetric lighting (in a second scene). Added a mask for y text. But now the problem is:

I can see my particles in the “default 3D Scene” - but not in the “rendered” view mode or in my rendered picture. :spin:

If you open the file and want to have a look just switch to the “Default” Mode and to the “Scene” Scene. Then you will spot my particles. Thanks for any advice.

Hello :). Currently, because of the computer I am on, I am not able to view your Blend file…but I may have a helpful answer. Do you know the menu to the right of your screen? In the top right corner of your screen, (right above the menu I just referred to) There is a little viewport with a list of everything in your scene (particle systems, objects, vertex groups etc.). Scroll down through there and search for your particle system. There should be an picture of an eyeball, and a picture of a camera to the right of your particle system. If you do not see a camera, but see an eyeball (which is what I am guessing yours looks like) that means you can see the particle system, but it will not render. If this is the case, check the camera box and your particles should render. Hope this helps. (P.S- let me know if you need a picture with these things circled)

You have set the emitter object (“Plane”) to be invisible to camera rays - this also applies to the emitted particles:

Check that box and the particles will show up.

@IkariShinji Thanks a lot. Thats it. :eek: It`s unbelievable how stupid one can be :smiley: Mille Mille grazie!

@1drousCre8tions Thanks for your try. I know the scene is quite big cause of the text I converted to a mesh. In my scene here there is even more text … So even my pc is almost too slow. :o