Particles not rendering in other 3d software

Hello all, I have been trying to find an answer, but have not seen it. I have imported several blender constructed models, with particles, into other 3d programs, both standard windows 3D program, and an architectural program, and the hair particles never make it. I have exported in both stl and obj and still, nothing. I have included everything when exporting on obj, still nothing. If I put fur on a box and import it, it just opens as a box. Only the material color is included. What am I missing? Is hair only visible in blender? I have made other objects without hair, and they export just fine. I am a long time user of Sketchup, so as basic as that is, all of the models I have made never had issues. I believe I have created the particle system correctly, used material on it, etc. Very frustrating, so if there is a secret to this, please elaborate.