Particles Not Rendering

I’ve recently run into a problem with Blender. I have a fire emitter set up, works perfectly fine. I also have this small Lego cave render set up, and I have the fire emitting from a plane mesh. For some reason, when I have the plane inside the cave mesh, and render it, it renders the cave, but not the particles.

I’ve tested particles inside a cube, and it worked. I have no clue what is stopping the particles from being rendered. When I do render, and stop while it is processing the area where the fire is, the render will contain the cave, but behind it, still being processed, is the particles. As if the particles are being rendered, but the cave mesh is being rendered over it.

I have included an attachment of the .blend file. I can’t find anything wrong with it and I was hoping someone could shine some light on this.


fireTest.blend (1.61 MB)

For your object materials, turn off Transparency


Thank you so much!