Particles Not Sharing Space...

Hello everybdoy, I hope the title wasn’t too confusing. I’ll illustrate the current situation. I have a plane emitting a column of particles straight up. I set up another plane emitting particles in an upward spiral. I placed the column in the middle of the spiral.

When the spiral is rendered by itself, there are particles close to the camera, and far away from the camera, with the center of the spiral being hollow. All is well.

However, when I render the column and the spiral at the same time, the column renders in front of the spiral, which makes the spiral look flat in the background. In 3d view, as said before, the column is actually placed in the center of the spiral. It doesn’t render that way…

I was wondering if anyone knew what would cause it to render this way. If I’ve been unclear about the problem, let me know and I will try and clarify further.


Do you have any screenshots?

Not the perfect solution but you need to use Vectors with Face and maybe some Alpha. You can use objects as dupliverts (or halos) to override the default vector smudge.


Make sure to render with the Unified Renderer turned on (in the Scene settings F10).


Thanks for the replies guys. I turned Unified Render on and it worked. It made the particle systems react a little differently within themselves…but I can live with that.

Honestly, I didn’t even know what Unified Render did until now. Don’t worry though, reading about it in the online documentation.

Thanks again.