Particles not showing up in render (Cycles should support it now right?)

I get it showing up in the 3D viewport, but not in the Render option nor in the final render. Just trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong. All the google search results on this issue do not yield any way to fix this, at least not for my project. I know I’m missing something really easy, because I got them to render at one point. Any help is much appreciated!

Also, the file uploader is not working, so is there another way I can send this to anyone who might be willing to help? I swear I’m having multiple problems as I try to fix the previous ones…

Is the render method for the particles set to Halo? Because I’ve noticed Halo particles only work in the Internal Render Engine. If you want the particles to show up in Cycles render, you have to set the render method to Object, Group or billboard, and specify the object you want. You can set this up by selecting the particle system object and scrolling down to the Render tab. It’s underneath the Physics tab for me.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I really don’t know either, I usually set the particle render to object and use a low poly ico sphere.

The only time I’ve had particles not showing up was when I was using GPU to render and particles expected CPU. Though I’m not sure if that is still an issue with 2.77