particles not visible through plane with alpha image


I’m sorry if this was answered before, i tried to search the forum, but found nothing.

I have an animation with falling snow and there is a floating logo wich is a simple plane with alpha texture, the logo also fades in and out (animated texture alpha infuence). The logo-plane gets close to the camera to the point when it covers whole view, but at this time it’s almost fully transparent. The problem is, that the particles behind the plane aren’t rendered. Snow particles are instances of small heptagon object. I have the snow separated into different layer (because of motion blur node) but I still cannot get it rendered. I am using 2.53 beta. Any advices?

Thanks in advance.

Are you using raytraced transparency ? I don’t think particles can be rendred with raytraced, they couldn’t in earlier blender versions.

No, i forgot to mention i use simple Z-transparency.

I came across the same problem.
It seems like particles placed in front of an object pass over it, but under the applied texture with alpha channel (see attached image).
In 2.5 it’s the same thing.


well i somehow solved it… the problem was that the snow particles and the planes with alpha were on different layers (i had the snow separated because of motion blur node) so i had to put them together and now it renders correctly. But now i have motion blur on the planes with logos, which wasnt intended.

I think that the only way around this is to render the layers separately and composite

that was what i was trying to do and it didn’t work, but ironically putting everything into one layer somehow fixed the problem.