particles / object size

Hi there,
does anybody know how i would go about adding particle effects in blender GE? for example a pickup would be emitting particles to attract attention. also when the pickup is collected, is it possible to make the object get bigger as if eating the pickup and getting fat. thanks in advance.

Particles are not avalible in the bge, to hard on it right now, and not really worth the time to add.
It has to be faked with animated textures, you can get a lot of info on that from this site and others, just try google. :yes:

make an empty with an always sensor set to true level triggering and, as inferno said, make it spawn an object with a pretty animation with a linv setting… Or just use a nice face set to halo…

Try shape keys and shape actions for the getting fatter one…

Try the particles tutorial. With a little bit tweaking you can get eye-candy effects.

Thanks for the link monster. :yes:

thanks for the link, i figured it would be something like that :stuck_out_tongue: i havn’t really found the time to get back on blender but im sure i could figure out the size change thing

To get your object thicker, you can just simply increase scaling with an IPO, or if it is an armature with an action, or with shape keys.
Also replacing the mesh/object would be an option.