Particles,Object visualisation and Ipo-Curves


I don’t know whether this is supposed to work (would be nice though):

if you use object visualisation for particles, you can animate the object properties (loc/rot/scale …). The time starts for each particle anew, so the object time also starts anew.

But if you animate the material (e.g. color), the time runs globally. So if you animate the color of an object in a certain frame all objects have the same color.

Is this the way it should work, or should this be fixed?

I’m not too sure about the particles system, but this sounds about right. Materials are calculated in one of the big ugly long functions in Blender, in a predefined order, using the global time.

I must do new test about this. Last time i was totally puzzled and coudn’t have particles, winds or liquids to remain the wished time across the scenes…
Hum! Colors over time in particles ???.. yet another mind blower…! ;x
Surely a specialist around here to enlighten some poor brains… :wink: