particles on curve guides fading out

Ok…I’m not using strands/hair.

I have an emitter (5 vert pentagon) emitting from verts only. Each vert emitting has a curve guide with min dist to control the flow. But when you use curve guides, you cannot control particle color/alpha as usual with IPOs (since the life/speed of the particle is not controlled by the guide).

I tried changing alpha etc on the guide, but it doesn’t affect my particles (halos with a little water texture on them). I want to show fading along the path (more specifically fading from alpha 0 to 1 at about the middle of the guide).
70 kb XVid Movie (Sorry about the quick and messy camera movements)[/b]

no ideas?

You should be changing the material alpha on the emitter pentagon, not the guide. I did a quick test and unless I misunderstand your goal, guided halo particles with Alpha IPO fade just fine.

I tried that first, and it didn’t work. When I tried it again with a new plain scene it worked… :x Sometimes I just don’t remember all the settings I think.