"Particles" panel layout

I have a recent recollection of seeing a shot of the “Particles” button panel showing the buttons arranged in groups as with the “Soft Body and Fields and Deflection” and most other panels really.

I though " Great! This must be in 2.40", but I have Alpha 1 and 2 and the particle buttons layout is unchanged.

So did I imagine this or has anyone else glimpsed the different panel layout.
I think it might have involved someones script.

<Why is memory so infuriatingly unreliable>

I believe the new panel layouts are only in the latest CVS build at blender .org


I’ve just stumble across comment in Blender news&chat which shows something similar. Fewer groupings than I thought I’d remembered.


I went from using CVS to 2.4(a2) and greatly missed the “True Random” function these new buttons provided.

Will the new layout be in the final 2.40 ?

(I presume so, but with Blender, or course, presume nothing!)

they new layout is in it right now

I beg to differ…



try a newer build than the officially released alpha2

…Which brings us back to…


try a newer build than the officially released alpha2[/quote]

Did they correct the spelling of “Fields and Def(l)ection”?

Not a spelling error - It’s for particles that want to go to “The Other Side!”

Apparently the grass is greener there!

You mean “The Far Side”.


I would, but Gary Larson wouldn’t like it !

sorry i guess i should clear that up, when i said it was in it right now, i ment that it was in the CVS right now

It’s here:


Oh well,

Hi ho - hi ho - It’s back to CSV I go!