Particles, Paths, and Spaceships

I’ve been messing around with particles lately, and what fun it is! I’ve come across a problem though. I have two half sphere particle emitters parented to a very basic spaceship mesh. I want to move the ship along a Path in space, but when I parent the ship to the path and hit CTRL-A, the ship moves along the path, but the particle emitting meshes stay where the ship was…but they do animate. How can I get the particle emitters to follow the path?

One more question that I knew the answer to, but forgot where I read it: How do you set the length of frames for an object moving along a path? I thought it was in the IPO window, but I can’t seem to find it. For example, if I have two seperate paths, one for the camera and one for the ship, I want the camera’s path to take twice as long to complete than the ship’s path. Thanks!

1 - works just fine with the latest build (try the pre2.24 from testing builds forum an

2 - in edit buttons (F9) there is a numslider called Pathlength – the default is 100 and can be varied :slight_smile: