Particles pile up

I’m shocked, I can not achieve very basic stuff in blender:
Emmit particles and simulate the physics of piling them up in container (let’s say falling small rocks in the glass)

What I tried (2.81, 2.82):
– enable collision for particles through assigning collision – does not work, particles go through each other.
– installing molecular addon and enabling “self-collision” – works in 50/50 cases, when it works particles partially go through each other ignoring geometry. For the same setup, after experimenting with different settings self-collision stops working.

Also, friction is very weird, sometimes particles all of the sudden start spinning unrealistically.

You know, I never tried C4D. But after I checked it, i could achieve what I want with just a few clicks. I really would like to stay with blender, but often crashes, infinite loading during simulations and now this …

I have bought FLIP FLUID addon, maybe somebody can explain how to achieve what i want throught this one.