Particles problem

I have been having problems with particle systems. I am using a plane as a particle emitter to emit geometry. The particle systems works and does what I want it to, the only problem is that it emits from a huge radius, not from the plane that I have as the emitter. If I translate or rotate the emitter, the particles emit accordingly, but scaling the emitter has no effect. The particles are emitting from faces.
I just want the particles to emit from a smaller area.

You could put the plane in edit mode and delete all but a single vertex. I do that a lot to simulate a single point emitter. (Why can’t I assign a particle system to an empty?)

That may have worked, but it would have been a pain to position it correctly.
I figured out that, for whatever reason, when I move the geometry that the emitter is emitting to the origin of the scene, the particles emit properly. It is beyond me why it works like that, but at least it works.
Thanks for suggestion though!