Particles Question

Ok, I’ve been reading the (EXTREMELY OUTDATED AND ANNOYINGLY INCOMPLETE) Blender Manual and I started getting some pretty cool stuff going with the particle generator. However, is it possible to make it so that particles do not go through solid objects? For example, if you had a flame thrower model, how would you give the effect of the flames coming out of the end of the gun, without them showing up through the mesh that IS the tip of the gun?

No, there is no automatic collision detection for particles. You have to tweak the parameters or use a lattice to control the path of the particles.

oh well… looks like I get to have loads of fun tinkering around with the lattice. Thanks.

Leon has implemented collision for particles in tuhopuu.

yup: you might want to download one of the more recent tuhopuu builds from here and try that…

On the other hand, a better solution for your problem might be to put the emitter itself right at the tip of the gun.

True, but I have another model called the Jet Board. I need to actually be able to have the emitter inside the vent it comes out of :-\

Anyway, I’ll check out those builds. So far I have been unsuccessful in getting tuhopuu to compile using MSVC. I think jesterking said he was looking into probems in the MSVC project files.

Which one is that? One you paid for?

Nah, it’s the older one that you can find for free online, not the 2.3 guide that just came out. Built around… 2.27 I think… not sure.

I got the latest one, nice beginning but it’s not blocking all of them… I can’t wait to see it once you’ve gotten all the bugs out. Oh yeah, someone needs to add tooltips for those commands… I don’t believe there were any.

The tuhopuu collision detection for particles works, yes, but not 100 percent. If you put an emmitor in a bottle, most of the particles will come out of the opening, but some will still just go right through the sides. At least i have not been able to come up with a setup where it works 100%.

The collision detection doesn’t work correctly for quadrilateral faces. As soon as you triangulate your collision mesh, everything works as expected.

mmm… could you please explain what you just said… lol…

The collision detection (the thing that notices when particles go through another face) does not work for faces which have 4 edges (sides). The mesh they collide with has to consist entirely of triangles (faces with 3 sides).

You should convert all faces with 4 sides in the mesh to faces with 3 sides.

Is there an easy way to do this?


Is there an easy way to do this?[/quote]

In theory you go to edit mode, select all verts, press Spacebar, Edit>Faces>convert to tris.

I say in theory because I have never gotten this to work.


The Hot key(s) is Ctrl_t

It’s always worked for me.

Did you recalculate your normals?

Did you test to see if your mesh was “cosher”?

Edit mode: Ctrl_Alt_Shift_m

selected vertices are your problem area.