Particles Question

How do you assign more than one material to a particle system? Also I can’t seem to use more than one particle effect for any given emittor (because all the particle effects seem to only want to use the material for the first particle effect). How are muliple particle effects achieved?

you use multiple emmitors.

to add on, if you mean that you’re using the “dying particles spawn new generation” thing and want the new ones to have a different material then:
-add new materials throuh edit buttons (don’t need to be assigned to anything)
-in the particles tab you can can select wich material to use (1-8 or something IIRC).
-to edit different material, go back to edit buttons and drag the “slider/field” to the appropriate number material.

I’m not sure if that was exactly your quesiton though.

Well . . . I could certainly use that though. . . I am doing an explosion and it kinda looks fake the way in yellow all the way through. I could use this as a fade to a darker yellow/orange and add some realism. Thanks.

if you’re doing explosions and want some color variation, i’d play with textures on the halo’s and increasing the add value. the “spawn new generation” probably won’t help you too much for that (at least not like how you’d want). multiple emitters works too for that.

ipo the material from 1 to 100
you can ipo rgb,alpha,halosize,textureoffset\size and some other things( i’m talking about halo materials now )