Particles Question

I need to have snow land on some 3D letters then blow off of the letters using a wind force field. I have got the wind force field working but I am not sure how to get the particles to pile up on top of the letters like snow. What is the best way to do this.

PS - I apologize for starting another thread but in my other thread this question got lost in amongst the other questions.

Um if I remember correctly you can adjust particle collision in the rigid body settings. There’s some setting that make them stick more to the surface they collide, or just try high collision damping on the letters.

I’m not sure how to make the snow pile thicker, unless you are using dupli snowflakes on te particles or something :slight_smile:

Thanks, for the reply.

When you say

“you can adjust particle collision in the rigid body settings"

Are you talking about (Physics > Collision) then adjusted the Damping and Stickiness or some other rigid body settings.

What I did was create some 3D type, then add a (Physics > Collision) then adjust the Damping so the snow would stick to the type but the problem is the snow still doesn’t get thick enough or pile up.
I have 10,000 particles and 100 children for each particle and still it only looks like the image below. Not sure what’s going on.

The black and white you’re seeing on the type is Dynamic Paint. The type is set to Canvas but even after subdividing it the snow looks pixellated.


Ok, I have 3 particle systems each with 5000 and each with 100 children per particle. That’s a whole lot of particles but for some strange reason the particles are not manifesting in the image or on the type. I have the type (Physics > Collision) set to Full Dampen 1.000 and the stickiness set to 1.000. I also made sure I don’t have “Die on Hit” selected.

If someone has a clue as to why there are not a whole lot more particles showing up on the type and on the ground when there are probably 1.5 mil in my particle settings I would appreciate it a whole lot. I am using Blender 2.64 Mac. Thanks.


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