Particles reacting with meshes / objects?

Hi folks,

I am racking by head over an issue with particles. I’d like to generate a form, by shooting particles through an object - i.e. particles through a sphere, would ultimately create a hole through it.

Is there a certain tool which could link the particle stream, to ultimately deform the mesh/object?

Any help would be great! Cheers. :slight_smile:

I believe the answer is no.

I think you could “fake it”.

Assign a hook to the top most vertex of the sphere. This will be the entry point for the object. Then animate the empty (which is the hook) to move to the center of the sphere. IF you set this up right, you can make the sphere dent in.

Then create another sphere which has a hole in it (perhaps via boolean cylinder subtract). At some point simply do a “switch-a-roo” on their postion. Keep the sphere with the hole in it behind the camera until you want to make the switch. Then keyframe a jump from behind the camera to the current location of the dented sphere. Key frame a jump for the dented sphere to move behind the camera on the same frame.

You could also add a third sphere with the hook pulling the center out, to handle the object exit from the sphere if you wanted to include that in your shot.

Atom, i like your idea of ‘faking’ it - and could put that into practice. At this stage, I was looking to create a particle stream through the object, and theoretically ‘sculpt’ through it - as a simulation, and was only curious to whether Blender handled something a little complex like that.

Currently, I am looking at the ‘Cast’ modifier - trying to mold in objects to simulate the hole which could have been made by the particles. It’s kinda funky, but probably not what was after, as it did not retain the hole - when I had applied the deformation.

Thanks again for your help.