Particles Self-Collide?

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I am just wondering if Blender particles can do self collision? Mainly in object or group visualization. Say I have a cube as my particle. I don’t want any of the deployed cube particles to intersect with one another.

Is this possible in Blender yet? (2.49 or 2.5)

I have the same problem here… im doing a particle system that emits objects, but they just keep intersecting… anybody knows a solution?

I don’t think there is a solution because the way the particle system detects intersection, currently, is via a spherical field. So if your objects are spheres it will work. All other objects will encounter some kind interpenetration.

If particles had an option for self-collision that would take forever to bake, if they had we’d probably be trying to work around it to shorten bake times anyway :slight_smile:
Try using Boids, I think that they had an option to make them repel each other(probably the best choice for your Cube example), or , though I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to do, try to mix rigid body physics and particles.

Edit: For the Boids , I think that “Air Personal Space” is what you need.


I was traveling with another ship :smiley:

Python might be your friend here … but you probably don’t want to go there.

If particles had an option for self-collision that would take forever to bake
This blanket statement is not true. A lot of times in physics simulations you are only dealing with a handful of meshes. Even a number as high as 300-400 particles could be reasonable on most computers. Why is it acceptable for the fluid simulation to sit there for 10 hours, but the particle system can not?

The funny thing is, the code already exists in Blender, in the game engine. The physics system in the Game Engine can already do true convex mesh detection. I guess it is not possible for the particle system to call the already written game engine code.

there is an add-on called molecular , try it out

I’m just curious about how you came to this thread, 8 years later :slight_smile:

Anyway, good contribution for those who still do not know Molecular addon (I do not even know if it is working correctly in Blender 2.79)

Suggested Topics at the bottom of each thread would be my guess, maybe search results but I doubt it.

Lots of tutorials!

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