Particles (smoke) to take shape of mesh

Hi I need to learn How to make smoke (or dust) kinda whisp into the shape of a mesh (a demon) and then whisp out almost like the sand man if you know what I mean? how would I do this?

That would be a good use of volumetrics, which Blender does not have currently. You could try having particles emit inside of a demon mesh, and then make the demon non-renderable.

Look up Keyed particles in the documentation. Also check out attractors.

I have tried this with (particle controled) Halos and they suck, especially at the ground terminator of the tornado. If you can hide the base of the twister and keep it far away it might not look to bad.

I think you can use a lattice to contain particles. If it’s gonna be a quick transformation you can put smoke/dust textures on your demon and quickly fade things to make it appear as though he is being made from dust… or you could try using the new expload modifier and reversing it?!?