Particles stop working after 100 frames?

Trying to make a spark show when two objects connect. Have a circle mesh particle emitter setup at the connect point which I fractal subdivided to give some randomness to the emitters. From the start and for a few seconds I get a nice big spark show. I set the ending frame for emitting to 400 so I should have a nice spark show throughout the whole time. It appears that after frame 100 I stop getting the big show and it throttles down to more of a trickle. I don’t know why. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone know how I can give the sparks more of a tail?

Did you set the lifespan of the particles to more then 100? (that’s how long the particles last after being emitted)

Its hard to figure out what exactly you mean or what the problem is, you should give us the .blend file to let us see for ourselves.

I have the lifespan set to 50 but I don’t think that’s the problem as they seem to be emitting fine up until about frame 100, then they trickle.

Also any suggestions on how I can make the emission not happen in such an obvious circle would be great to. Right now when you render it you can see each emitter trigger one after another in sequence around the circle rather than all the emitters just sort of firing at random which I’d prefer.

You have 2 particleemitters:

  • one with only 35 Particles beeing emmitet over a time of 400 frames
  • one with 120 Particles, but emmiting only for 100 frames.
    thats why after 100 frames only a few particles will be emmitet.
    I dont really get why you use 2 emmiters, one is enough.
    so delete first emmiter and make the end time of the second one 400 or whatever you like. rember that you will have to adjust the number of particles being emmitet so you get the same amount of particles per frame.

The Circle has no faces, only vertices, so you can only let the Particles be emmitet from the verts, not from the faces, which means there are only 32 points where the Particles can come from. If you want to do something about that, either use a higher resolution ring as the emmiter or use a Mesh that has faces so that you can randomly use the faces for emmiting, like a Torus or a Zylinder for example.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you! Before I fractal subdived the emmiter I made a dupe of it so I had the original if I wanted to go back to it. I thought I had moved the dupe to another layer so it wouldn’t show up but obviously I didn’t.

Thanks for catching that. I know I’m only emitting from verts so that’s intentional though your suggestion about using a torus I could see working really well.

Thanks a lot for taking a look and your suggestions.