Particles System Hair Problem: Some Particles can't be edited in Particle Edit

Hello there. I’m creating a gorilla head and I’m about to add the hair using the particle system. To finish the hair I use the particle edit and comb all the particles. but some of the particles just can’t be moved by the comb, i tried many things to move them, but they seem to be locked in position.
As you can see on the pictures are my problem-particles on both sides under the ear. Because I’m using children, these few particles have affect to several hundert hairs of course.

I’d be glad if someone could help me there :slight_smile:

Without the blend hard to know, it could be a lot of things. Random thoughts:

  1. The hair is emitted from a tight face, and the deflect emitter is pushing from several sides. turn deflect emitter off, or to 0 and try.
  2. You have a secondary hair system that you forgot about and ti’s part of that.
  3. Try turning of x mirror in combing
  4. Try cutting the problem hair
  5. Check/recalc your normals
  6. Post the blend.
  7. Very cool gorilla! :cool:

Thanks for your answer and compliment :yes: My second time going for a gorilla.
With 1) you probably got the problem, but turning the deflect ermitter off or to 0 doesn’t solve the problem. The particles just can be shorten oder lengthen straight. Your other solutions don’t affect either. I discovered that the faces, on wich the problem-particles are, have more then 4 vertices (highlighted faces), maybe the problem is there. Unfortunately, I can’t really change that…

The topology of the face is good but things get rough around the ears and inside the mouth. It’s not just the tris and n-gons, it’s that the faces are intersecting and non flat. If you look at it without the subsurf it’s more obvious. The real (and painful) solution is going back, putting a mirror modifier on half, making it all smooth quads and then shapekeying and putting the hair system on.

Thanks for your help, that was the problem.

I will post my project as soon as it’s finished.