Particles that fade out using Objects as particles


The particle emitter technology is fantastic. I can emit a stream of halo particles and they look great. If I assign a material to the emitter, I can then create an IPO over the Alpha channel from “logical frames” 1-100 which goes from Alpha=1.0 to Alpha=0.0. This causes each of the emitted halo particles to fade correctly over their individual lifespan. Again, this is fantastic.

Now, here is the question/comment. If I create a simple object (say a Sphere) and make the emitter a parent of the sphere then I can switch on the emitter’s “Dupliverts” option and now the emitter will emit a stream of objects (spheres). But … what I want to do is have the emitted objects also fade out. I tried setting an Alpha fading IPO on the emitter just like I did for the halo particles but this was simply ignored. I then tried adding an Alpha fader on the child (emitted) object but that faded the object along absolute frame lines and even then faded them ALL along this timeline not according to the lifespan of an individual emitted object. It doesn’t appear that the fading recipe that works for emitted halo particles works for emitted objects. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If not, can anyone think of a recipe?

I have updated the Wiki to reflect this believed knowledge.