Particles to vertex (vertices)

Is this possible somehow? Once vertexes I could then use particle anim as duplivert parent…

you can have it directly, you just have to have it active on the generating mesh as you would do with dupliverts, in fact its the same thing.

As greboide said, you can parent the object you want dupliverted on the particle emitter and have instances your object emitted instead.
But if you want to turn the particles into real vertices, perhaps you could try this:
1.Create a cube, go to edit mode, select all vertices, alt m / collapse. Tab back to object mode.
2.Create your particle emitter, set up your particle parameters, etc…
3.Select your collapsed cube, then your particle emitter, then press Ctrl P to parent your cube to the emitter.
4.Select your particle emitter then click the object buttons (the one beside the physics buttons which calls up the particles panel) to call up the anim settings panel and click the dupliverts button. The single vertex cube should be dupliverted on the particles’ position.
5.Press Ctrl Shift A to make the dupliverted objects real.
6.Delete your particle emitter (Or unparent it from the collapsed cube). Move it away or to another layer so you wouldn’t select it for the next step.
7. B key then box select all the objects created in step 5.
8. Hold down the shift key and click on any of the selected object so you have one active object. Ctrl J to join all selected meshes. Now you have a mesh object vertex cloud created from the particles.
I have added the last step because I found that using Ctrl J for box selected meshes resulted in Blender not responding. It seems that no active object is specified and Ctrl J could not function properly.
One nice thing about dupliverting objects to meshes composed of free floating vertices is that you can deform the vertex cloud mesh with a lattice or curve and obtain control you could not easily do with particles.

Ya… Figured it out, thanks though… Parented object to emitter, enabled dupliverts… Done :slight_smile: