Particles vanished from all saved blendfiles

Hello everyone!
I’m just rendering a scene and while I was in the compositor all my particle systems went missing. Most interestingly they are not rendered in every single save file of this project (though paritcles in a new file are working). Now what I’ve checked so far is when the particles are spawned (from 1 to 1 with lifetime 50), if emitter is really visible, if the object rendered is visible, and so on. Everything should be fine. I reduced the file to the plane with the particle systems and removed everything else (hdri, objects, all particle systems besides 1) to upload the file with minimum MB (still around 10 mb though).
Thank you for every hint.
edit: cant upload since I am a new user. Here is dropbox link

If I open that file there is no grass on the ground. If I advance a few frames, and turn the monitor icon on… and change the seed value the particles appear and render, I don’t know how dependable that will be.

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Ah, yes! They show up is I change the seed. Strange.
It usually shouldn’t work like this, right?

I have seen them be erratic in earlier versions of blender, like disappearing and being generally difficult, another thing that seemed to work other times was flipping the vertex groups influence back and forth.

Don’t know what its supposed to do.