Particles via POV scripting

This may be kind of a confusing question, but I’ll try my luck anyway. Does anyone know of a way, in python, to orient particle emissions based on the camera’s POV? In other words, a way to control it such that a particle system will emit particles only when the camera is pointed directly at it.

Thanks in advance :eyebrowlift:

Hi there!

It looks to me, when you plan your script - to pre-calculate when your cam ray will pass through certain area plus when it will leave it, thus using the data for start and end frame of particle emitting. BUT i am not sure if this can be done several time or dynamically or when you have a random cam move…


Hi, thanks for the response. Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m curious about. If the camera can move randomly, and it’s orientation to the object will dictate how the object’s particle system is moving. I’m also wondering if the particle system can move “in reverse” as the camera passes back over it.