particles visible in 3-d viewport but do not render...

Hello all,

Learning blender. Going through the realistic grass tutorial. The long and short grass (modeled with hair particles) work fine. As did the first batch of flowers. I made a couple more flowers to add with particle systems, but although they appear in the 3-d viewport, when I render, they’re not there. The flowers are modeled in a separate scene and layer. However, they are all modeled on the same scene and layer. One of them works, i.e. renders, and the others don’t.

Any ideas? Why would the flowers show up in the 3-d view port but not render?

Thanks - Andrew


If your using Blender 2.5x from the Blender website. It may be that you have discovered a bug with particle systems and duplication. If thats the case more upto date builds on graphical will fix that problem.

If this is not the cause it would help if you could post a simplified blend file that demonstrates the problems you are experiencing then we can try and fix it.

Might have been some kind of bug, or maybe I was just doing something wrong, but I copied the flowers to the same scene as the particle system and they appeared.