particles visualization type

I create a particle system by script and by default they are created as points. How can I visualize the particle as lines?
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myparticlesystem.drawAs = Particle.DRAWAS.LINE


I tried and I obtained this error: attribute ‘drawAs’ of ‘Blender ParticleSys’ objects is not writable

You are totally right, that’s what I get for not testing the code I posted.
I have bad news for you: currently it’s impossible to set the visualization type via python.

There is also good news: a patch by Alberto Santos (dnakhain) adds the possibility to set it. It was committed last Monday (august 24th) in revision 22742. So recent builds might already have it and so will 2.49b.

Thank you for your reply! I tried to compile it but without any success :frowning: :(. Can you please tell me where can I get the blender.exe from?

You might have some luck at graphicall. Note that not all builds might already have this patch (even though their revision number is higher).

There :
(The sole site where the builds are updated in the hour after the modification.) Take the file and the blenderpack complement because the ffmpeg libs were modified too…

Thank you!!! It works!!!