Particles + Wind + Cloth Object doesn't seem to work

Hi all, basically if I tried to animate a cloth (plane in this example .blend file) as a particle with wind. The problem is, if it’s a cloth, then the wind blows it away, and it affect the other particles. So I tried to pin some vertices. This produced weirdest effect - blinking and lots of mess. So I thought to ask you, maybe you know how to do it right? Thanks.:eyebrowlift:particles_wind.blend (682 KB)

A particle object will not act as an individual unit in terms of its reaction to physics like wind. It can only act as the source particle acts, so essentially all the particles will react the same. If you want to generate a field of objects that will react as units, create your source object, give it a physics setting, and make it a source for the particle system, Then in the Modifier stack, use the option that makes the particles real mesh objects. Each will have the original source’s physics settings. These can then be animated according to their individual reaction to physics.

I did this to create mesh hair “wigs” using the Hair Particle system settings to distribute and orient poly hair meshes on the wig. Note that this greatly increases the need for system resources when doing the physics sim(s) for the unit meshes.

Hi chipmasque. Thanks a lot for your clarification.

Well I tried in this blend file to achieve not a real but fake reaction to wind by modifying the source object. What I couldn’t achieve is “pinning” of the original object. Without pinning the object flies away by the wind force so all particles do as well. But with pinning, it brings that cruel bug - from some frame on in the animation, particles behave messy.

I downloaded the file from your initial post & ran it, and I can see nothing odd about the particles. They do “flip” a bit when spawned, probably due to the specific emission specs, but after that they fall smoothly and show the same reaction to the wind as the source object. The pinning on the source object looks to work fine, also. I guess I’m wondering what you’re seeing, Can you make an OpenGL movie of your UI to illustrate?

Not sure I do understand myself right :slight_smile: It was late night when I wrote this post, used Windows laptop. Now at home with Linux it works fine. I guess it works fine on Windows too. Sorry for confusing. All seems ok now :slight_smile: