particles with light

how is possible to set that particles gives to objects a bit of light, of their same colour… somewhat… i dont know exactly… someone can help? thanks much :smiley:

You can emit lamps as particles and give the lamps a color. If you do so you should use a very low energy setting because of the number of lamps.

yes, but particles are very a lot, more than 500, and of different colours, and every frame they move, so i really cant to add a lamp for every particle, but thanks in any case…

i need to modify somewhat in the shadow panel, like you can change the emit bar, but somewhat for emit a light… i hope there is a solution

Emit doesn’t actually make it emit light.
You could do a number of things depending on what you’re going for.
-You could indeed add a particle emitter with 500 lamps that all have a very small fall-off and low energy.
-You could use compositing nodes to add a glow to the particles to give the illusion that they are emitting light.
-You could add reflection with a lot of glossiness to the whole of the environment and render out a pass to composite on top of your normal render.