Particles with shadow / Particles visible in mirror?

(jowundabdamit) #1


I made a fur out of particles. But when I render I can´t see the shadow of the fur. And the particles are not visible in a mirror. Which settings do I need?

(code_astro) #2

I dont think particles reflect…

(jowundabdamit) #3

But on the image at the end of this site there is a reflection…

(DwarvenFury) #4

Try the 2.40 Alpha 2 version from here: Just a note, your particles have to be static to reflect.


(jowundabdamit) #5

I checked the 2.4 version, but there´s no difference. Do I have to use special light or particle settings? By the way. The particles are static…

(jowundabdamit) #6

Now I know it. You have to use Version 2.4 and switch off HALO…