How can I get list of all particles in python API? I need location, rotation and lifetime.

All you can get is in here.
I don’t think you can acces info about each little particle

This is no good. Seems with current API I can’t wrote particle exporter. :frowning:

PS: Hey developer, are you hear me?

And me too !

  • a function to link the new particles created with python to a mesh object .
  • a function to set/unset static partcules

Please .

And one thing:
+list of PyObjects that represents every particle
+Methods to set and get velocity
+Random seed of every particle ( for making not uniform motion/shading)

These are all excellent feature requests. How can we check to see if these are being addressed with upcoming releases of Blender?

For particles, it’s already done since novembre 2005 :
and febrary 2006 :

and updated in the first week of August :
see the thread :