ParticleSystem with vertex group Density stops my Materials Rendering

My two Materials rendered fine in Cycles Until I added a ParticleSystem for the hair strand render and added the vertex group for the hair, now for some reason the hair just renders with out the body like it is invisible, the scene camera is on and does render if I remove the ParticleSystem for the hair, what is going on?

It is hard to say without seeing the file, but the particle system does have a render emitter checkbox. Is that checkbox on or off?

Thanks for that! I clicked emitter on and is rendering fine now, didn’t realize what that did.

At first, I freaked out because I thought I lost all my hair, when I had done a render in Particle Edit mode.

When I do a render in Object mode, the fur renders, but the dog is always clean in the Particle Edit mode rendering.

Can anyone explain (without being TOO technical please) why this is? You would think that the particles (hair) would render when in Particle Edit…