Particular type of glass. Shader tweaking.

I decided to give a try on tweaking a shader
to get a material that looks like, well i do not
know what this particular kind of glass is called.
Guessing glass is made by putting it into water
while it is hot, at least metal gets colored similarly
when it is cooled by water while very hot.

edit added ->
Testing out some compositing again. Did not do any postprocessing to it.

Crits and suggestions for scene for the glass vase are welcome.

Well, made some of a 3d scene.

That material is really COOL! Can I have the settings?

I like the idea, it looks like something I would see in the Tacoma Glass museum.

Looking good.


That is really sharp j. Those shader settings are cool, but what I really like is the plant in the second picture. My only crit on the vase is that the bump map is slightly excessive. Decrease it a little and it will be even better.

Thanks for replies.
Here are the settings of the glass. These settings are on the latest image.
Almost only difference to first glass pic is that these newer settings have reflection on.
The plant is part of a photo, would be nice model though.
I think i will take a shot at modelling the plant and place it in the latest
The excessive vase pumb, i will see what it looks like if i decrease
the amount of pumb mapping on it.

Next image should have a 3d plant added to it.
Well it will even if it is not as nice as the original.

Inspiring material!

Some of my favorite artists who are interested in glass…

Guy who works with glass: Dale Chihuly

Gal who paints glass: Janet Fish

Thanks protocold.
I checked out some of Dale Chihuly´s work. I am going to try to simulate
one of his peace and add that also to the scene. Propably am not going to get very close though.

Here is the current one with plant added.Less pumb and smaller pumb on glass shader now.

edit update -> I did not get very close to the piece which i tried
to simulate, so adjusted shader to something quite different.

I believe that type of glass is called ‘Carnival Glass’, but I’m not sure. It is indeed an interesting looking glass.


Really looks nice, good job!!

Thanks for informing about what the glass is called Tal.

Thanks Khnum.